The Duke - Runs the Noose

  • @Actor[Sable the Emissary] - The Duke's emissary. We owe $3250gp monthly as "dues"

Widow - Runs the West. Female gang. Rumors of magic use. If Lulu is to be believed, the pair are related.

Vreelak - Runs the far SE. Necromancer with a gang of undead

Tal Ga'ib - The Leper. Crime boss of Sanctuary.

Guards - Corrupt and untrustworthy.

Lulu - Ten Pins (hard core thief)

  • Our intel suggests the Ten Pins are a far more sophisticated organization than we've faced previously and its members are mostly assassins.

  • Lulu tried to recruit us to work for her and threatened us when we declined.

  • Lulu has claimed to be the niece of the Widow and threatened we'd pay. Starting to see a pattern here?

Notable NPCs:

@Actor[Justine] - Good scout/sneak with Darkvision

@Actor[Gustav] - Rage. Hits like a truck. Darkvision.

@Actor[Goober] - Murdered.

Buster - Cutter's former #1. Now an undead THING in service of forces currently unknown.

Ratner - Buster's sycophant. Disemboweled.

Tanner - Former gang leader of the Garner street lords; now deceased.

@Actor[Nervous Ned] - Tanner's cleric. Might be worth recruiting.

@Actor[Roonan] - Blacksmith. Allegedly trustworthy.

@Actor[Jessradei] - The blacksmith's wife. Sennae (can predict the future?)

Oleg One-Eye - proprieter of the Shiloh (designated neutral ground)

Sbarrus - Justine's "friend" and our informant within the Ten Pins.

Cutter's ledger:

Joeber - One of Cutter's associates, he may be able to open additional connections.

  • Introduced us to Potentius

The Madness of Sanctuary

  • Overheard adventurers in the Wingless Horse discussing a ruined mansion in the SE of the Noose that allegedly hid a wizard's lab.

  • After clearing the spiders, stirges, and demon chickens, we discovered some scrolls and a cave that led down into "madness" that we were dissuaded from exploring.

  • Wizard's conspiracy room strongly suggested "evil" living under the city and possibly something about shapeshifters related to the royal family.

  • Buster, in an undead form matching Kalli's vision, attacked the hovel with a band of zombie minions. He fled back down into a sewer entrance once the fight turned against him but swore he'd be back.

Potentius's Mission

  • @Actor[Potentius] offered 5000gp to recover his stolen "merchandise" from rival merchant Lambert. With the help of @Actor[Sentori], his lieutenant, we attacked Lambert's warehouse and discovered a crate containing roughly a dozen kids.

  • Unwilling to be a party to slavery, we convinced Sentori it was in his best interests to disengage from the mission and he fled, after giving us Potentius's location.

  • @Actor[Lira], one of the kidnapped kids, has joined our gang.

  • We assaulted Potentius's home, killing his guards, and "convinced" him to modify the mission. We now have quarters in his house and 200gp/week salary for its defense.

  • Our first mission from Potentius is likely to be dealing with Lambert but we've been otherwise occupied thus far.

Backbinders Alley Murder:

  • Justine reported discovering the body of a dead girl in the alley. She had been murdered and her organs surgically removed.

  • Further investigation revealed she was a local prostitute named Ellie and had been last seen at the Nameless Tavern.

  • Goober has also been found murdered in a similar fashion, although not dissected. There are some scratches/notches up at the top of the wall over Goober's body. Had a "G" carved into his corpse. (Possibly the Garner Street Lords?)

  • Justine reported another dissected prostitute in an alley off Pony Street. Killer is now being referred to as the "Surgeon"

Fall of the Ten Pins:

  • Roonan asked us to look into a vision his wife had of her being kidnapped.

  • She suggested the Ten Pins were going to pay a visit on the night of the full moon to kidnap her because they haven't been paying their protection money.

  • We scouted the area and planned an ambush.

  • Fought off a small force of Ten Pins and delivered a message to Lulu to stay out of our territory.

  • Lulu conducted a meeting in which she proposed that we agree to work for her. We declined. The meeting did not end on good terms.

  • Justine reported that the Ten Pins were pissed at our interference and had assigned a squad to take vengeance on Roonan and Jess. We evacuated the blacksmith and his wife to "safe" territory.

  • After buying intel from a paid informant, Sbarrus, we led an assault on the Ten Pins HQ. We a handful of Lulu's lieutenants and killed her gargoyle bodyguard before taking her prisoner. She claims that the Widow is her aunt and will annihilate us. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

    • Lulu's ancient ring. What is it?

    • +1 shortsword. Who gets it?

    • Roonan & Jess. Are they ok?

    • Lulu's remaining forces. What are we doing with them?

    • Potential complications with the Widow. Yikes?

    • Lulu as a prisoner. What do we do with her?

Home base trap config: [N/A - Home base has been burned down]

  • Contact poison on all windows

  • Caltrops on the ground inside each window.

  • Door: double barred. Pressure plate outside that triggers a spike trap.

Watch Order:

  1. Sam/Kalli

  2. Niko/Justine

  3. Gustav/Rajest

  4. Mud/Zingen

Marching Order (Direction of travel ^)



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