The Duke - Runs the Noose.  Halfling.  think: Kingpin by way of the Shire.

Widow - Runs the West.  Female gang.  Rumors of magic use.  Lulu was bluffing as to the nature of their relationship.  The status of OUR relationship is currently unknown.

Vreelak - Runs the far SE.  Necromancer with a gang of undead

Tal Ga'ib - The Leper.  Crime boss of Sanctuary.

Guards - Corrupt and untrustworthy.

Lulu - Ten Pins (hard core thief).  Lied to us about the nature of her connection with the Widow. 


Notable NPCs:

@Actor[Goober] - Murdered.

Buster - Cutter's former #1.  Now an undead THING in service of forces currently unknown.

Ratner - Buster's sycophant.  Disemboweled.

Tanner - Former gang leader of the Garner street lords; now deceased.

@Actor[Nervous Ned] - Tanner's cleric.  Might be worth recruiting.

@Actor[Roonan] - Blacksmith.  Allegedly trustworthy. 

@Actor[Jessradei] - The blacksmith's wife.  Sennae (can predict the future?)

Oleg One-Eye - proprieter of the Shiloh (designated neutral ground)

Wemble Furryfeet - Proprietor of Shorty's Tavern.

@Actor[Darryl] - Our new faceless mooks.  Muscle for hire.

Nock - leader of the Black Arrows

Jack - Proprietor of Jack's Place.  Our new favorite tavern (mostly because we drink for free)


Cutter's ledger:

Joeber - One of Cutter's associates, he may be able to open additional connections.


The Madness of Sanctuary


Potentius's Mission


Backbinders Alley Murder:


Fall of the Ten Pins:


The A-Team and the Future of the Cutters


Watch Order:

  1. Sam/Kalli
  2. Niko/Justine
  3. Gustav/Rajest
  4. Mud/Zingen


Marching Order (Direction of travel ^)

Kallista Gustav Niko
Samadhi Rajest Zingen
Lira Mud Justine
Kallista Samadhi Niko
Zingen Rajest Mud



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